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Unraveling the Universe Through Knitting
As Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at UCAR, Brinkworth strives to cultivate an ecosystem that celebrates each person’s worth.
Diverse Careers for Nuclear Physicists
Is Weather the Culprit?
Jim Bellingham uses his training in physics to develop underwater vehicles that are revealing the depths of the ocean.
“Failed” Physicist? From Biologist Turned Nobel Laureate to Author
The Industrial Internet of Things is Upon Us
Leveraging a linguistics degree into a career in astrophysics and accessibility consulting
Staying on Pointe: Physicist Twirls Her Way to Successful Ballet Career
Giant Cookbooks and Dinosaur Bones
Physicists Take Their Skills to the Great Outdoors
Medical Physicist Studies Transgender Athletes
Lennard Zinn’s Wild Ride
Upping Her Geek Game
Explaining the Science of Ribs and Roasts
UK researcher uses entropy in attempt to decode mystery codex
FICO Scores with Chaos Theorist
Mining Deep Space
String Theorist Turns to Science Policy
Q&A with Jürgen Kluge
IBM Technology at Work in Africa
The Call of the Caves
Sensing The Planet
Physics Ph.D.s Study the Spread of Disease
Surfer, Science Outreach Specialist, Weight Loss Researcher, Physicist
Improving Lives with Physics
A Physicist Among the Angels
Philanthropy Led by a Physicist
First responders: Getting the bad guys and fighting fires … as physicists
A Sweet Sound: Physicists Reconstruct Primitive Recordings
Indiana Jones with a Physics Degree
Right Brain, Left Brain: Physicists as Artists
Making A Career of Putting Numbers on Nature
Biometrics as a Pathway to Human Rights
Interview with France A. Córdova, new Director of NSF
Still Life with Physicists: Sculpting Science into an Art Conservation Career
Physicist-Filmmakers Catch Particle Fever
Physicists in International Aid: Developing Careers that Serve Humanity
An Arresting Career Brings Technology to Law Enforcement
Physicists in Sports Deserve a Gold Medal
Physicists Give Renewable Energy the Silicon Valley Treatment
Part Two of a two-part Interview: Elon Musk on Mass, Mars, and MBAs
Part 1 of two-part Interview: Entrepreneur Elon Musk Talks About his Background in Physics
A Stint in Italy’s Parliament Teaches Many Lessons
Geophysicist Rocks at Helm of International Tsunami Information Center
Leading the Search to Find ET is No Gamble to this Physicist
CSI: Physics-The Case of the Fabulous Career in Forensics
To Infinity and Beyond with Physics
Come Fly The Friendly Skies With You-Know-Who
A Smooth and Silky Career
Mmm, Mmm, Physics! The Man with the Plan for Cans
Physicists Take the Plunge as Entrepreneurs
Developing Hands-On Sustainable Energy Solutions
Designing Games in Sin City Pays Off
At Play, Day and Night in the Museum
In Command, on the Front Lines of Radiation Research
Run For Office: Just Follow the Law and Leave the Spherical Cow Jokes Behind
Brewing a Life of Worts and Ale
The Futurama of Physics with David X. Cohen
The Greening of the Physicist
The Auto Industry’s a Deal for Physicists
Consulting Firms Make Use of Physics Skills
Missile Man: Raytheon President influenced by Physics, Feynman, and Senators in Geeky Glasses
The Dark Matter on Earth and the Physicists Who Find it
Helping Patients Leads to Satisfying Biotech Career
Finding Sanctuary in Faith and Physics
A Physics Star Among the Stars
He's Havin' a Ball at Ball
After the Particles, it’s Power to the People for Physicist-turned-Politico Bill Foster
Quants and the conquest of the street called Wall
Physics major facilitates success in speech writing (and the funny business)
Jim Glanz's journey from physicist to war correspondent/ Albin Gonzalez labors in the "trenches" of cancer treatment research
Science fiction story-telling, Star Trek style and beyond
A Leading Lederman in Industry
Patents and physics make great partners