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Scholarly Peer Review is an Age-Old Practice, But Publishing is Changing
For Peer Review Week, Rachel Burley, APS Chief Publications Officer, reflects on the future of one of science’s most vital processes.

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The Surprising Physics of How Dogs and Cats Drink Water
Yes, they lap. But what does that mean?


“I Get Goosebumps Still”: Angela Stickle, DART Mission Scientist, Reflects on Humanity’s First Effort to Change an Asteroid’s Orbit
Smashing a spacecraft into an asteroid could someday save Earth, Stickle says. After last year’s test, what comes next?

The Hunt for Planet Nine

The Hunt for Planet Nine
Since Pluto was demoted to a “dwarf planet” in 2006, a Caltech team has been searching for a hypothesized planet on the edge of the Solar System.

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Is Climate Science Physics?

Is Climate Science Physics?
How we answer this question can help determine who understands, and who enters, the field.

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The World is Coming for US Science Talent
Without immigration reform, top students and scientists will look elsewhere — and the US will lose out.

It’s Time to Rethink Alcohol at Work Events
Drinking in professional settings comes with risks and can alienate colleagues. There are better ways for physicists to socialize.

Congressional Science Fellows - where are they now

As the Congressional Science Fellowship Turns 50, Fellows Reflect on Their Experience
Three former fellows recall the skills they still use today.

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White House Sets Research Priorities for 2025, Emphasizing “Trustworthy” AI and US Competitiveness
The White House released its annual priorities memo, alluding to spending cuts.

Congress Scrambles to Steer AI Development
Bipartisan lawmakers weigh legislation for the emerging technology.

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