Inclusive Physics

We're committed to fostering a welcoming physics community where everyone passionate about science can succeed.
A student and a physicist sitting together at a table at APS March Meeting

Gender Inclusive Physics Community

Connect with women and gender minorities, including transgender and nonbinary individuals, when you join the APS Gender Inclusive Physics Community. Attend in-person events throughout your undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc journeys, and learn in empowering virtual meetups on authentic topics.

These conferences empower physics undergraduate women and gender minorities to explore career and education opportunities.

Fostering professional development and leadership opportunities in physics for graduate and postdoc women and gender minorities.

Inclusive initiatives and resources

APS advances inclusivity in physics by facilitating events, initiating discussion, promoting mentorship, and supporting women, those with diverse gender identities, and underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.

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The APS Bridge Program addresses diversity gaps by providing pathways to graduate school for students from underrepresented groups.

A student speaks with a scientist at APS March Meeting.

NMC provides mentoring and resources for historically underrepresented physics undergrads and graduate students.

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A welcoming community working to transform physics by enacting strategies to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Dramatically increasing the number of physical science doctoral degrees earned by Black, Latino, and Indigenous students.

A worldwide community of teachers, researchers, and professional societies working to inspire young women to pursue physics in college.

A collaboration between multiple physics groups, TEAM-UP Together is breaking down systemic barriers so Black physics and astronomy undergraduates can thrive.

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Improving the physics climate

APS teams up with physics departments, national labs, and scientific collaborations to foster a welcoming physics community, particularly for women and other underrepresented groups.
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Ethics in physics

Through our ethics guidelines and training materials, APS is committed to promoting fairness and respect in the physics community.

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