Membership Types

APS offers membership dues at rates to fit a variety of circumstances and career levels.
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Dues and eligibility

We offer generous discounts for students, early-career, and unemployed scientists, among others. Lifetime and senior membership options connect you to the physics community through your career and beyond.

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Regular membership

Get the full benefits of APS membership, connect with the physics community, and advance your career. Many physicists, scientists in related fields, and science enthusiasts join APS as regular members.

Regular membership

Open to all science professionals and physics enthusiasts

Annual Dues


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Student and early career scientists

APS membership connects you to other students, mentors, grant opportunities, and more ways to advance your education and career. Any student enrolled in a degree-granting institution is eligible.

If you're a high school student who is passionate about physics and considering exploring it as a career, please get in touch with the APS Membership team.

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Student memberships

Free for the first year, with student-friendly prices as long as you're enrolled

  • Undergraduate: $25
  • Graduate: $39
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Early career membership

Open to science professionals up to five years after they have received their final degree

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Sustain the physics community

Stay connected to the physics community and help APS sustain the future of physics by joining through our senior membership, senior lifetime membership, and lifetime membership options.

Senior membership

For current members who have been part of APS for at least a decade and are at least 70 years old or retired.

Annual Dues


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Senior lifetime membership

Open to individuals who have been APS members for at least ten consecutive years and who are at least seventy years old or retired from gainful employment or retired due to disability.

One-time fee


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Life membership

With a one-time fee, you can join APS as a lifetime member, which includes free life membership in one division or topical group.

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Free memberships for international and unemployed physicists

We offer free memberships for unemployed members, and through our matching membership program for less-resourced countries.

Unemployed membership

Unemployed regular and early-career members who are actively seeking employment can have their dues waived for up to two years

Scientists outside the United States

Physicists living in less-resourced countries may be eligible to join for free through the matching membership program.


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Connect with others studying and working in the fields of aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, software, biophysics, and more.

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APS membership connects you to physics communities centered around your interests.

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