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Physics is vast, but exploring it as a career doesn't have to be overwhelming. These resources can help you learn about physics careers and support you on your educational journey.
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Begin with a solid foundation

Studying physics in middle school, high school, and as an undergraduate can set you up for success in a variety of career fields.

Physics teaches foundational lessons about the natural world with useful applications for many careers.

There are a lot of misconceptions about taking physics in high school — here are the facts.

If you're curious about a career in physics, there's a lot to explore before college.

Plan for success by seeking out research opportunities and building connections while you're an undergrad.

Career resources for students

Whether you're just starting your education and career exploration or are applying for jobs, APS has guides, events, and career information to assist you.

Discover your path to career success, your comprehensive companion offering valuable insights, practical tools, and personalized guidance.

Studying physics opens up your future to a range of career paths. You can do almost anything with a physics background!

Discover how much you can do with a degree in physics by seeing how others have put theirs to use.

Get involved, advance your career, and explore important topics for the physics community.

Take your first steps into a physics career with an internship

Awards and meeting travel grants recognize outstanding physics students and help fund scientific meeting attendance.

Connect with other physics students

Collaborate and network with other physics students.

Joining APS connects you to other students, mentors, funding opportunities, and ways to advance your education and career in physics.

APS chapters support graduate students, postdocs, and early career scientists at their colleges, universities, and national laboratories.

Expanding graduate students' involvement in APS and the larger scientific community

Mentoring programs

NMC provides mentoring and resources for historically underrepresented physics undergrads and graduate students.

Career Mentoring Fellows serve as mentors to students and early-career scientists, helping them build strong connections in the physics community.

IMPact connects students and early career-physicists with physicists working in industry.

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APS Bridge Program

The APS Bridge Program helps undergraduate physics students from underrepreented racial and ethnic groups chart a path to grad school.

Learn about the Bridge Program

Gender Inclusive Physics Community

Career planning, leadership training, and mentoring opportunities for women, transgender, and nonbinary individuals in undergraduate and graduate programs.

These conferences empower physics undergraduate women and gender minorities to explore career and education opportunities.

Fostering professional development and leadership opportunities in physics for graduate and postdoc women and gender minorities.

News for physics students

APS News regularly features interviews with students and early career physicists excelling in their field as well as commentary about physics education and careers.


Data on physics and related education levels earned by different demographic groups.

Tools and resources for students and teachers to explore physics education and career options.

We support physics departments, faculty, and K-12 teachers in preparing the next generation of physics students and physicists.

Our K-12 initiatives provide resources to help educators engage students and foster a passion for physics.

Join your Society

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