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Through our initiatives around the world, APS serves the physics community. We invite you to join us!
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APS initiatives strengthen the physics community by supporting the next generation of diverse physics students and educators, advocating for and amplifying the voice of physics in public policy and engagement, and serving as a welcoming global hub for physicists around the world.

Inclusive physics around the world

Through our programs and events, we're committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and ensuring that everyone can study and work in physics.

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The Gender Inclusive Physics Community helps women and gender minority students connect and advance in their studies and careers.

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Experienced physicists can connect with students to steer the next generation on a path to success.

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The APS Bridge Program addresses diversity gaps by providing pathways to graduate school for students from underrepresented groups.

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Through our international outreach activities and worldwide membership, APS serves as a welcoming global hub for physicists from around the world.

Advocate and amplify

APS is the voice for physics in public policy and public engagement, providing resources to policymakers, educators, and other key audiences.

Join APS in our strategic, member-centric approach to advocacy that yields results that advance the physics community's policy needs and priorities.

Share your knowledge and passion for physics with diverse audiences.

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Preparing physicists

We're working to build strong physics departments, to help educators prepare future generations of physicists.
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Scientific research dissemination

Through our journals and scientific meetings, we help our members and the physics community to share their research and make new professional connections.

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At our meetings, you can present research to a global audience, network with the physics community, and advance your career.

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Our 17 peer-reviewed journals cover a wide spectrum of physics disciplines, publishing in both traditional and open-access models.

Physics is a free online magazine with engaging content for every reader, from physics experts to general science enthusiasts.


APS March Meeting attendees pose in front of an APS logo display.

Share your research, broaden your network, and connect with new opportunities.

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Connect with others who share your special interests in physics, advance your career, find mentorship opportunities, and more.

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Connect with others studying and working in the fields of aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, software, biophysics, and more.

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Unleash the power of physics, educate the next generation, and strengthen the physics community. Make a lasting impact by volunteering with APS.

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