Volunteer with APS

When you volunteer with APS, you help prepare the next generation of physicists, advance sound science policy, and strengthen the physics community.

APS members produce research that advances our understanding of the world around us, but your most impactful work as a physicist may not be in the lab or classroom. When you volunteer, you have the opportunity to communicate science to the public, advocate for research funding, or even shape the future of APS.

Whether you're looking for an occasional way to give back in your free time, build your CV, or even to become a leader in your APS unit, there's an opportunity for every level of involvement.

Advocate for physics

A person looking at Wikipedia on a laptop in a cafe

Wiki Scientist trains physicists as Wikipedia editors, to highlight the scientific accomplishments women and underrepresented groups.

A person with a microphone speaking at an APS meeting

Science Trust trains scientists to address misinformation through meaningful conversations, moving from correction to connection.

Two men chatting over lunch

JNIPER teaches scientists to engage with the public as informal educators through training, tools, and events.

Two people speaking to each other at Congressional Visits Day

Make your voice heard and learn how we're working on behalf of APS members and the physics community in science policy.

Advance science

A woman working at a laptop computer

Gain valuable career experience while you help advance physics by participating in the peer review process.

Build a more equitable field

A student and a physicist sitting together at a table at APS March Meeting

We're committed to fostering a welcoming physics community where everyone passionate about science can succeed.

A group of people working together around a table

A welcoming community working to transform physics by enacting strategies to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A group of racially and gender diverse students

The Gender Inclusive Physics Community helps women and gender minority students connect and advance in their studies and careers.

Prepare the next generation

Mature professional woman advising a younger colleague during a coffee break

Experienced physicists can connect with students to steer the next generation on a path to success.

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A worldwide community of teachers, researchers, and professional societies working to inspire young women to pursue physics in college.

A teacher in front of an elementary school classroom

Physicists To-Go connects scientists and educators to bring the wonders of physics to K-12 and college classrooms worldwide.

Guide the organization and build leadership skills

An individual speaking at a microphone during a Q&A session at an APS meeting

Leaders in APS's committees use their expertise to shape our initiatives and the physics community.

Two people shaking hands

APS leadership shapes the future of the society in response to our members.

A student at the APS March Meeting

Find other physicists in your region and specialty.

Two students speaking

Student ambassadors serve as a voice for physics by building inclusive communities at colleges and universities around the world.

More ways to get involved

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Connect with others who share your special interests in physics, advance your career, find mentorship opportunities, and more.

Your gift to APS ensures the sustainability of the physics community.

An APS member at the exhibit hall at March Meeting

Find your professional home in a diverse physics community and actively engage in scientific education, research, and advocacy.

APS March Meeting attendees pose in front of an APS logo display.

Share your research, broaden your network, and connect with new opportunities.

Join your Society

If you embrace scientific discovery, truth and integrity, partnership, inclusion, and lifelong curiosity, this is your professional home.