APS Leadership

APS leaders represent the organization and our members and advance the physics community's priorities.
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Board officers

Young-Kee Kim

APS President

John Doyle


Brad Marston

Vice President

Robert Rosner

Past President

Randall Kamien

Editor in Chief

Jonathan A. Bagger

Chief Executive Officer

Jeanette Russo

Corporate Secretary

Board members

Xun-Li Wang

City University of Hong Kong

William Barletta

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Karen Hallberg

Instituto Balseiro, Argentina

David Weiss

Pennsylvania State University

Kandice Tanner

National Institutes of Health

Nai-Chang Yeh

California University of Technology

Laurie McNeil

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

John F. Wilkerson

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Peter Schiffer

Princeton University

Council of Representatives

The APS Council of Representatives brings specialized expertise to our organization's leadership and oversees science policy and advocacy, as well as funding and recognition and APS membership matters such as units.

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Senior leadership team

The senior leadership team at APS oversees the organization's daily operations and activities.

Jonathan A. Bagger

Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Burley

Chief Publications Officer

Mark Doyle

Chief Information Officer

Jane Hopkins Gould

Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Beth Gunzel

Chief Human Resources Officer

Hassana Howe

Chief Experience and Engagement Officer

Francis Slakey

Chief External Affairs Officer


Young-Kee Kim

Meet our volunteer and staff leadership, and explore how the organization is structured and run.

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Leaders in APS's committees use their expertise to shape our initiatives and the physics community.

APS's governing documents set forth the rules and structure of the organization to ensure sound governance, accountability, and alignment with our core values.

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APS statements articulate our enduring positions on topics relevant to the physics community and guide our activities, including authorizing our federal advocacy efforts.

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