Gender Inclusive Physics Community

Connecting women and gender minorities in physics
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Women and nonbinary students

Gender inclusive events and experiences

There are many ways that you can get involved in the Gender Inclusive Physics Community to connect with other women and gender minorities, learn how to tackle challenging situations, and advance your leadership skills.

Three women engaging in a team building activity in a conference room

Formerly Advancing Graduate Leadership, this event is leadership-focused for graduate students and postdocs in physics. You’ll make important connections, find out about mentoring opportunities, and learn career-building strategies.

Two people at the APS Annual Leadership Meeting 2024

Build connections in the community and thrive. This platform is a safe space for members only. Participate in real talk on authentic topics with peers who get it. Attend events to learn to tackle important issues as a women or gender diverse member of the physics community.

Meeting attendees dining together

Formerly Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics, this yearly event takes place across universities in the US and Canada. Experience keynote speakers, networking, graduate school advice, and career-focused sessions.

Together, we are the future of physics

When you join the APS Gender Inclusive Physics Community as an APS member, you’ll have opportunities to:

  • Gain a network to fuel your success and confidence
  • Learn how to tackle challenging situations
  • Mentor or be mentored by near-peers
  • Rise as an emerging leader
  • Amplify the voice of women and gender minorities in STEM

Attend in-person events throughout your undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc journeys, and learn in empowering virtual meetups on authentic topics.


Contact the Gender Inclusive Physics Community team with questions or if you would like to speak at an upcoming event hosted through Virtual 365 Connect.


Funding activities and events to recruit and retain women in physics at the undergraduate level

A worldwide community of teachers, researchers, and professional societies working to inspire young women to pursue physics in college.

The APS Medal

APS honors exceptional contributions to the physics community, including travel support for students and early career physicists.

A student and a physicist sitting together at a table at APS March Meeting

We're committed to fostering a welcoming physics community where everyone passionate about science can succeed.

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