Mobile App for APS Meetings

Download the APS Physics Meetings & Events app to stay up-to-date at our in-person meetings.

To reduce paper waste from our meetings and to provide a better in-person experience, many APS events are eliminating a printed bulletin and using the APS Physics Meetings & Events mobile app.

The mobile app is for on-site conference attendees. For virtual meeting components, please use the virtual conference platform.

The APS Physics Meetings & Events mobile app allows attendees to view the agenda, connect with fellow attendees and presenters, learn about exhibitors, and stay updated on any changes during the meeting. To access the content on the APS Physics Meetings & Events app, you must be registered to attend the meeting and log into the app.

Bulletin My Scheduler syncs to the app

Stay up-to-date with schedule changes at APS events by importing your saved "My Scheduler" from the online meeting bulletin. The two-way synchronization between "My Scheduler" and the APS Physics Meetings & Events app allow your schedule to stay automatically updated so you won't miss a thing.

To use this feature, you must have created a schedule of events on the online meeting bulletin and provide the username and password of your APS Member Profile in the APS Physics Meetings & Events app.

To allow for synchronization, please use the minimum Attendee Info Sharing option, listed as Share basic info, found in the Privacy Options menu in the Mobile App. Sync will not be possible if "Do Not Share Anything" is selected.

Download & update the app

If you have previously downloaded an APS Meetings app, please check to make sure the app is "APS Physics Meetings & Events" by Bravura Technologies and ensure you have the most recent version.

View instructions on how to update the app for:

Please uninstall and reinstall the app if it doesn't work after being updated. For Android users, please log in again if the screen is blank after you log in the first time.

It is important that you get on your mobile device before you click on the links to download the app.

Once you have downloaded the app, start the app and select the appropriate bulletin from the "Show List." Once selected, the APS Physics Meetings & Events app will download the entire bulletin into your mobile device. You can browse the sessions, search authors, and get important information about the meeting.

My Scheduler

Having trouble syncing the app with My Scheduler?

  • Sync the app by navigating to the three-dotted lines at the top right corner of the app and hitting the "Sync App Data."
  • If the sync does not work, please log out and log back in.
  • You may need to uninstall and reinstall the app if these options do not work.

Mobile app permissions

The APS Physics Meetings & Events app asks for access to other phone functions. Please review the list of permissions and their purpose by operating system. The following permissions can enhance the app’s usability, but are not required.


  • Calendar: Allows you to sync your meeting schedule with your personal calendar
  • Siri search: Allows the information in the app to be searchable by Siri
  • Notifications: APS will send messages about the meeting and this allows notifications to appear.

How to control your permissions

  • Controls for app permissions are usually found in your “Settings.”
  • Navigate to Settings, scroll to bottom, and find and select “APS Physics Meetings & Events.”


  • Calendar: Access required. This setting is required to support the build your schedule functionality.
  • Camera: Access not required. The camera feature is needed to support exhibitors that wish to scan badges.
  • Phone: Access not required. This setting allows the user to tap any phone number displayed in the app and to call that number.
  • Storage: Access not required. The storage feature is needed to support Exhibitors that wish to scan badges.

How to control your permissions

  • Controls for app permissions is usually found in your “Settings.”
  • Navigate to Settings, select app permissions, and find APS Physics Meetings & Events.


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