Physics Mentoring Programs

Mentoring fosters mutually enriching relationships where students receive guidance, skills, and professional growth, while mentors expand their networks, improve their leadership abilities, and help build the next generation of physicists.
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Find a mentor or connect with a mentee

APS provides many opportunities to connect students and early career physicists with mentors to guide them on the path to success.

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NMC provides mentoring and resources for historically underrepresented physics undergrads and graduate students.

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Career Mentoring Fellows serve as mentors to students and early-career scientists, helping them build strong connections in the physics community.

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IMPact connects students and early career-physicists with physicists working in industry.

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A facilitation guide to help physics researchers improve their mentoring skills, and to improve research experiences for the next generation.


Prepare your students for a successful future by broadening their career focus to include a variety of options they have with a physics degree.

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Physics is vast, but exploring it as a career doesn't have to be overwhelming. These resources can help you learn about physics careers and support you on your educational journey.

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The APS Bridge Program addresses diversity gaps by providing pathways to graduate school for students from underrepresented groups.

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APS supports physicists and other scientists from the beginning of their education to every stage of their careers.

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