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New Worlds: Colder and Colder
December 17, 2017
When investigating atoms, scientists face a challenge – at room temperature, individual atoms in a gas have kinetic energy and dart about at high velocities. Temperature is, in essence, the measurement of the relative movement between atoms; thus the goal of getting the atoms to have small relative velocities involves cooling them to extremely low temperatures.
Article: The Jerusalem Post
Abstract: Physical Review Letters

Colliding Neutron Stars, Gene Editing, Human Origins and More Top Stories of 2017
December 13, 2017
In science, progress rarely comes in one big shebang. Well, it has now, two years running. The first-ever direct detection of gravitational waves, our top story in 2016, launched a long-dreamed-of kind of astronomy capable of “unlocking otherwise unknowable secrets of the cosmos,” as physics writer Emily Conover puts it. 2017’s key event: a never-before-seen neutron star collision that immediately validated some theories in physics and killed others. And so a new way to probe cosmic mysteries wins our top spot again this year.
Article: ScienceNews
Viewpoint: Physics
Abstract: Physical Review Letters

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