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Are you 5 years old? 105? Want to learn about physics or share physics with others? We have physics for you.
Why Study Physics?

PhysicsCentral: Learn How Your World Works

Communicating the excitement and importance of physics to everyone. Visit to find out:

  • How things work
  • Updates on physics in the news
  • Latest research


Introduce your middle school students to the fun of physics! Request a free PhysicsQuest kit to use with your science class, home school group, science club, or after-school program.



If you are an elementary or middle school teacher interested in bringing a real physicist to your classroom, please sign up using the form link below. We will be in contact with you in early 2022 to pair you with a physicist based on matching interest and experience.

If you sign up to receive a PhysicsQuest kit, please make sure to also check off on the form that you would like to participate in this Physicists To-Go program, and we will also send you an email with a link to sign up. Or you can sign up using the link below.

Teacher Sign-up Form

Physicists To-Go

Physicists To-Go is a program designed to bring real physicists to classrooms across the country. The goal is to increase science literacy and inspire young minds to develop a passion for science. Sign up to become a Physicist To-Go or sign up to have your classroom paired with a physicist.

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APS Historic Sites

Each year, APS honors a select number of sites for their historical signficance to physics. Visit our directory of sites, and learn how you can nominate your favorite location.

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