Introduce students to current physics topics through hands-on activities.
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Encourage middle school students to explore physics through PhysicsQuest. These activities introduce current physics topics, invite you to explore the diverse careers of notable scientists, and feature hands-on, NGSS aligned experiments. Current and previous PhysicsQuest projects focus on topics including orbital motion, and understanding thermal energy and equilibrium, how quantum algorithms work, properties of light, and much more.

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PhysicsQuest 2023: Making Waves

In collaboration with Little Shop of Physics, APS offers four engaging activities centered around the fascinating world of "waves." Waves are all around us, shaping our world and providing energy, such as the sun's electromagnetic waves. Understanding these waves unlocks the secrets of our universe. These Making Waves activities are perfect for your physics curriculum, serving as captivating prelude activities or post-learning explorations.

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PhysicsQuest 2022: Physics Together

Encourage middle school students to explore physics through the PhysicsQuest! In 2022, APS and STEP UP collaborated to present a PhysicsQuest curriculum exploring amazing discoveries and stellar accomplishments of diverse physicists. These PhysicsQuest 2022: Physics Together science activities introduce students to who does physics and what physicists do, with a special focus on Careers in Physics and Women in Physics.

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Our K-12 initiatives provide resources to help educators engage students and foster a passion for physics.

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We support physics departments, faculty, and K-12 teachers in preparing the next generation of physics students and physicists.

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Tools and resources for students and teachers to explore physics education and career options.

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Share your knowledge and passion for physics with the diverse audiences.

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