The American Physical Society is a volunteer-driven organization. Since 1899, physicists have contributed their time and resources to running the APS in cooperation with a minimal full-time staff. Volunteers are the backbone of the Society. They form the character and direct the Society's progress and development. The purpose of this Guide is to provide useful information to the many volunteers who serve on APS committees. All APS committees operate on a calendar year basis and committee terms run from January 1 through December 31. Any questions not covered in this Guide can be addressed to the committee chair, senior staff liaison, or the committee administrator.

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APS Committees

Audit Committee
Committee on Careers & Professional Development
Committee on Committees
Committee on Education
Committee on Fellowship
Committee on Informing the Public
Committee on International Freedom of Scientists
Committee on International Scientific Affairs
Committee on Membership
Committee on Minorities in Physics
Committee on Prizes & Awards
Committee on Scientific Meetings
Committee on Scientific Publications
Committee on the Status of Women in Physics
Finance Committee
Governance Committee
Historic Sites Committee
Investment Committee
Nominating Committee
Panel on Public Affairs
Physics Policy Committee