Industrial Physics Advisory Board


The Industrial Physics Advisory Board (IndBoard) was formed in May 2016 with a focus on enhancing interactions between APS and physicists working in the private sector. It complements the work of the APS Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics (FIAP) and seeks to raise the profile within APS of industrial physicists and entrepreneurs.

  1. Sharpen APS focus on industrial physics as an economic driver and vital contributor to the long-term health of science (and APS)
  2. Advise APS on programs, issues, and policies that affect the industrial physics community
    1. APS Board of Directors – strategy, finance, and publishing
    2. APS Council - science, membership, programs, and policy
  3. Provide input from industry so APS will better serve physics
    1. Represent all physicists: fundamental, applied, and industrial
    2. Become a strong voice for the industrial physics community
  4. Enhance relationships between industry and APS functions including:
    1. Membership
    2. Policy
    3. Development
    4. Education
    5. Awards

Composition & Structure

The IndBoard is comprised of leaders from a mix of large, small, and entrepreneurial businesses. Listed below are the present members:

  • Bob Doering, Research Manager, Texas Instruments (Chair of the IndBoard) (bio)
  • Olgica Bakajin, Founder & CEO, Porifera Inc. (LinkedIn)
  • Cyrus Bharucha, Independent Patent Attorney (LinkedIn)
  • Jim Bray, Chief Scientist, GE (GE bio, LinkedIn)
  • Walter Buell, Director, Electronics & Photonics Lab, Aerospace Corp. (bio, LinkedIn)
  • Scott Davis, Senior Manager, Analog Devices (LinkedIn)
  • Mark Evans, Managing Director (ret. 2016), Goldman Sachs (LinkedIn)
  • Alex Majewski, Fellow, Space Systems, United Technologies (LinkedIn)
  • Mike Matthews, Director of Inertial Navigation, AOSense (LinkedIn)
  • Heike Riel, Director, Physical Science, IBM (bio, LinkedIn)
  • Mike Tamor, Technical Fellow, Ford, retired 2017 (bioLinkedIn)


  • Jeffrey Hunt, Technical Fellow, Boeing, FIAP Past Chair (LinkedIn)
  • John Rumble, President, R&R Data Services, FIAP Councilor (bio, LinkedIn)

APS Staff

  • Steven Lambert, Industrial Physics Fellow
  • Trish Lettieri, Director of Membership


Three projects are underway at present.

  1. Industry input and resource for APS Office of Public Affairs
    1. Suggest policy positions from industry for APS committees
    2. Subcommittee chair: Mike Tamor
  1. Lead preparation of report on The Impact of Industrial Physics on the U.S. Economy
    1. Similar to report by the IOP about physics in the UK (report format_pdf)
    2. Subcommittee chair: John Rumble
  1. May develop a program to mentor entrepreneurs using a framework similar to the APS IMPact program that connects students and postdocs with physicists working in the private sector.

Completed Projects

1. Recommendations about industrial physics for next APS Strategic Plan
Provided input on industrial physics for the APS Strategic Plan. This included the results of a survey about possible services that APS could offer to private sector physicists. View a summary of the survey results.format_pdf

Contact Information

To learn more about the Industrial Physics Advisory Board, contact:

Steven Lambert
APS Industrial Physics Fellow
Office: (301) 209-3245