Sustainability at APS

APS is committed to sustainability, from supporting scientists seeking climate solutions to ensuring quality physics education that advances the next generation's involvement in the field.

Support for U. N. Sustainable Development Goals

APS supports the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the SDG Publisher's Compact. APS Chief Publications Officer Rachel Burley was named an SDG Fellow in 2023, demonstrating a dedication to sustainable practices and disseminating research on sustainability, including:

Sustainable initiatives at APS

Our initiatives further the sustainability of the physics community and the planet in ways that align with the SDG Compact goals of quality education, gender equality, reduced inequalities, affordable and clean energy, and climate action.

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Quality education

Our physics education initiatives advance quality education by supporting physics departments, faculty, and K-12 teachers, as well as public engagement efforts to encourage a passion for physics in students and the public.

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Gender equality and reduced inequalities

To support our values of diversity, inclusion, and respect, we support an array of programs aimed at rectifying historic inequities in physics by advancing the education and careers of women and gender minorities, as well as those of Black, Indigenous, and Latino scientists.

The Gender Inclusive Physics Community helps women and gender minority students connect and advance in their studies and careers.

NMC provides mentoring and resources for historically underrepresented physics undergrads and graduate students.

Funding activities and events to recruit and retain women in physics at the undergraduate level

This scholarship supports African American students seeking bachelor's degrees in physics and astronomy.

Affordable clean energy and climate action

The APS mission highlights our charge to advance scientific discovery and research dissemination, as well as to amplify the voice for science and communicate the essential role physics plays in today's world. Work in support of our mission includes advancing affordable, clean energy and climate action through our data-driven reports, statements, initiatives, public policy efforts, and our topical groups.

APS reports

The APS Panel on Public Affairs has compiled reports focused on sustainability and that guide our public policy and advocacy efforts.

This report describes how, for methane emission regulation to be most effective, it should specifically target the small portion of leaks that are major emitters.

This report lays out the issues facing researchers who use liquid helium and the negative impact on US innovation.

Statements on clean energy and climate action

The APS Council of Representatives regularly issues statements that shape the public policy positions of the organization and inform our advocacy efforts, including those related to affordable clean energy and climate action.

The Council of the American Physical Society strongly advocates that the United States implement policies that promote conservation, efficiency, sustainability, resilience and innovation throughout the global energy system; make sustained and broad-based investments in research and development of long-lasting reduced-carbon and carbon-neutral energy cycles and technologies; and support research into means of reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases and heat-trapping emissions in the atmosphere.

The American Physical Society is profoundly concerned about the potential loss of the nation's accumulated helium reserves.

This critical issue poses the risk of significant environmental, social and Earth’s climate is changing.

The American Physical Society has a long-standing interest in the establishment of a technically sound national energy policy.

Engaging the public

Our public engagement initiatives help scientists reach and inform the public about the science behind Earth's changing climate.

Physicists fill in Wikipedia’s gaps on climate science.

This program equips physicists with the skills necessary to address science misinformation.

Climate and sustainability efforts

We're working to advance climate science and sustainability by providing our members with opportunities to meet and connect in support of their work.

We advocate for national standards to monitor methane emissions, which will enable effective industry action and data-driven methane reduction policies.

This member-organized APS unit advances knowledge concerning the physics, measurement, and modeling of climate processes.

GERA fosters connections among physicists, engineers, and educators active in the generation, transmission, storage, and efficient use of energy.


The evolution of a quantum wave packet in the proximity of a “conical intersection.”

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