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The Henry Primakoff Award for Early Career Particle Physics honors exceptional research in particle physics by early-career scientists.

The award currently includes a $3,000 stipend, and your generous support will allow us to increase this stipend to $5,000, making it on par with other APS early-career awards and sustaining early-career scientists' work in particle physics.

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About Henry Primakoff

This award is named to honor noted physicist Henry Primakoff. His research interests included:

  • Spin waves in ferromagnetism
  • The photo-production method for measuring the short lifetimes of neutral mesons
  • Underwater shock waves
  • Weak interaction phenomena in nuclei, including double beta decay, muon capture
  • Neutrino scattering

The Henry Primakoff Award ensures that early-career physicists can carry on important research in particle physics.

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We appreciate the generosity of donors to the Primakoff Award:

  1. Anonymous
  2. Daniel Akerib
  3. Jonathan Bagger
  4. Robert Cahn
  5. R. Sekhar Chivukula and Elizabeth H. Simmons
  6. Alan Chodos
  7. Lance Dixon
  8. Alexander Gramolin
  9. Teppei Katori
  10. Kenneth Lane
  11. Henry D. Kahn and Laura Primakoff
  12. Nina Primakoff Rossomando
  13. Heidi Schellman
  14. Henry Sobel
  15. Saul Sternberg
  16. Jesse Thaler

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