High School Physics Teachers

Through programs, resources, websites, and conferences, APS supports current and future physics and physical science teachers.

Professional Societies for Physics Teachers

Build Your Teaching Career
Professional societies provide meetings, workshops, journals, career guidance, and many other services to physics teachers.
Gray Arrow American Association of Physics Teachers
Gray Arrow National Science Teachers Association

Physics Teaching Resources

The Physics of Lasers
The Physics of Lasers is a series of three hands-on, classroom-tested lessons on the laser. APS can provide a limited number of lesson books and kits for workshops aimed at physics teachers. Email to request books and kits.
Gray Arrow Physics of Lasers - Teacher Edition
Gray Arrow Physics of Lasers - Student Edition

Physics Posters
In conjunction with the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI), APS created a poster on Quantum Information.
Gray Arrow View Quantum Information

In conjunction with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), APS created a poster on Gravitational Waves.
Gray Arrow View Gravitational Waves

APS, AAPT and SPS teamed up to create a motivational, humorous poster outlining the reasons a student should study physics.
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Contemporary Physics Education Project
A non-profit organization of teachers, educators, and physicists that creates physics education materials.

Online Teaching Tools
Free Access to APS Journals
APS now provides free access to its journals for all US high schools.

The Physics Classroom

A popular set of interactive tutorials that uses an easy-to-understand language to present common physics concepts for high school students.

The Physics Front
A collection of high-quality resources for physics and physical sciences teachers.

Physical Science Resources Center
A broad collection of resources for physics and physical science teachers of all levels.

Adopt-a-Physicist connects high school physics classes with working physicists via online discussion forums.

Career Information
Careers in Physics

Information and resources for finding a physics careers.

The Physics Career Resource
A website about physics careers, with sections for educators, parents, and students. Includes profiles of physicists, employment information, and descriptions of physics career paths.

Physics Outreach
Physics for All: APS Physics Outreach
APS Outreach programs capture the imaginations of people of all ages with the wonders of physics and its importance in our everyday lives.

Information about Physics Teaching

Physics First
The American Association of Physics Teachers' position on the movement to teach physics in the ninth grade.