Registration Advice

Reviewing your APS membership status before registering for an APS event, collecting the information you need to register, and knowing your registration type in advance will ensure APS can process your registration smoothly.

Update Your APS Account before Registering

Please ensure you have completed and verified the following information before registering for an APS event:

  • Create an account: You will need to have an APS account to register for the meeting. If you do not have an APS account, please create one. Even if you are not an APS member, you will need to have an APS account to register to attend APS events. Only members will receive discounted registration rates.
  • Confirm your APS account is up-to-date: Check your Membership Type, Membership Status, Education Details, and Reciprocal Society Membership. If there is a discrepancy, please contact APS Membership to resolve it before you complete your registration.
  • Ensure your membership type is correct: There are several membership types. The most commonly used for registration are: APS Regular Member, Early Career, Graduate Student Member, Undergraduate Student, Senior/Retired, and Non-Member.
  • Verify your name, email, and billing address: Your registration will reflect your name as it is spelled on your APS account. Your email address must match the email address used to submit an abstract, and the billing address on your APS account must match the address you need on your order invoice.
  • Duplicate Accounts: If you have more than one APS account, this may cause issues with your registration, abstract submission, and video uploads to the meeting platform. Please contact APS Membership to merge your accounts.
  • Emergency Contact Information:  This is a required field to complete your registration. Please provide the full name, email address, and phone number of a person you want APS to contact in the event you have an emergency during an APS meeting. If you require assistance completing your registration, please ensure you provide the emergency contact information in the email you send to the APS Registrar.

Registration Types

APS regular members should register online. If you need assistance updating your APS account, please contact APS Membership. If you need assistance registering for an APS event at the correct membership type rate, please contact the APS Registrar.

The following membership and registration types may need to contact APS for additional assistance.

APS Student Member

Please ensure that your APS account correctly identifies you as a student member and includes your expected degree and graduation date.

Reciprocal Society Member

Please ensure that your APS account correctly lists the name of your Reciprocal Member Society. If you need assistance updating your APS account, please contact APS Membership.

For Students and Early Career Reciprocal Society Members, such as post-docs, you will need to contact the Registrar if there is a rate plan that matches your registration type.

Please note that some of the meetings that APS manages will exclude the reciprocal society benefit.

Early Career Member or Senior/Retired Member

You will need to email the Registration Help Desk to complete your registration. Please provide your emergency contact information and your preferred registration selections, such as in-person, virtual, or one day, and any workshops you plan to attend.

International Attendees

Please review our international attendee registration and Invitation Letters information.

Prizes and Awards Recipient

Before you register online, please get in touch with your APS Representative to notify the registrar of your status.


Exhibitors will receive registration with the purchase of a booth. Each exhibitor representative attending the meeting must create or have their own APS account and register themselves online. APS will provide registration instructions after the booth is purchased.


Please request registration by completing our press credentials form.

Group Registrations

For group registrations of 10 or more people, you will need to send payment with a check or credit card and APS will create the registration invoice from the group administrator's APS account. Each person, including the group administrator, will need to have an APS account that is up-to-date. Please contact the APS registrar with the following information in a spreadsheet:

  • Full name
  • APS account number
  • Registration selections: In person, virtual, one day, workshops (if applicable), banquets/receptions (if applicable)
  • Expected registration type: Early Career, Graduate Student, Regular Member, Undergraduate
  • Student, Senior/Retired. Please verify this “Membership Type” is the same on the APS profile first.
  • Emergency contact information

For multiple registrations of less than 10 people or to pay for someone else's registration, please work with each person you are registering to process the registration from their APS account online. Processing multiple transactions with the same payment method, likely a credit card, may require you to clear your browser cache after each transaction. You can also try using a different browser, network, or computer to process each transaction.

Registration Methods & Payments

The easiest way to register for an APS event is through the event's online registration form.  If you are unable to register online, there will be a downloadable PDF form with the registration selections available on the meeting website to fax for most APS meetings.

Registration Payments

  • We accept credit cards and checks for registration payments. You can remit payment online, by mail, or by fax.
  • We only accept bank/wire transfers over $500. Please contact the APS Registrar for instructions.
  • We do not accept purchase orders.


Please mail any checks to the following address:

American Physical Society
Attn: Accounting Department (Meetings)
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740


Please fax the pre-registration form, if available, to 240-582-9369.

Registration Changes

You can make changes to your registration until the program deadline for the respective meeting since any change will cause disruptions to the program. If you need to change your registration from in-person to virtual or virtual to in-person, please send an email to the APS Registrar before the deadline.

Requesting Another Person's Registration Information

We need the permission of the registrant to perform any action such as registration changes or cancellations or to provide any registration information such as order invoices, registration status, or certificate of attendance. If you are sending an email request on someone else’s behalf to the APS Registrar, please include the registrant on the email thread.

Certificate of Attendance

We provide Certificates of Attendance onsite during the live meeting at the Registration Desk. If you cannot obtain the Certificate of Attendance during the onsite meeting, you may contact the APS Registrar to request a copy. We will only maintain certificates up to two years beyond the meeting date. You must have a paid registration in your name for the meeting to receive the Certificate of Attendance.

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