Organizing International Physics Meetings

By planning ahead organizers of international physics meetings in the United States can be prepared to welcome scientists from around the world.
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Plan ahead

If you are organizing an international physics meeting in the United States, you will need to plan ahead to ensure the attendance of international participants. Non-US citizens need to apply for their visas at least three to four months in advance. Thus, organizers should send invitation letters to these participants as early as possible.

Share information about your meeting with the US National Academies

The International Visitors Office (IVO) of the US National Academies encourages conference organizers who anticipate high international participant attendance, typically over 100 attendees, to complete an International Meeting Registration Form for their event. The information is used in efforts to increase scientific freedom.

View the International Meeting Registration Form

Provide personalized letters of invitation

Applicants may submit a letter of invitation when applying for a visa. Meeting organizers should provide attendees come from outside the US with letters of invitation well in advance of the meeting.

View APS's letters of invitation policies and procedures

Free circulation & travel of scientists

APS supports the free circulation and travel of scientists, and in 1992, the APS Council adopted the now-archived statement Free Circulation at IUPAP-Sponsored Meetings. This statement affirmed that all international scientific meetings should be conducted in accordance with IUPAP guidelines including free entry, exit and circulation of all participants without political conditions.

APS advises organizers of all international meetings held in the United States to conduct their meetings in accordance with International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Policy on Free Circulation of Scientists. Organizers are encouraged to include a statement to this effect in their meeting announcements.


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APS provides visa resources to help international physicists easily prepare for a visit to the United States.

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Find information for US citizens, US visitors, and residents about traveling outside of the US.

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APS provides general visa and related information for physicists traveling internationally to attend scientific meetings and other events.

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Through our international outreach activities and worldwide membership, APS serves as a welcoming global hub for physicists from around the world.

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