Topical Cohorts

Topical cohorts bring APS-IDEA teams together to discuss shared issues and solutions for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at their institutions.

Teams join topical cohorts based on their interests and needs, and topical cohort offerings may change each year.

Advancing inclusion in academic environments

In these topical cohorts, APS-IDEA teams from academia, whether from undergraduate-focused departments or large research universities, come together to discuss challenges and solutions for advancing DEI.

Additional topical cohorts

Other APS-IDEA cohorts bring together teams that are addressing shared challenges, regardless of whether they come from academia, national labs, or collaborations. Together these teams can exchange resources and explore solutions.


APS-IDEA members implement research-based transformational methods to drive cultural change and center people with marginalized identities in their academic departments and laboratories.

Connect your institution to a community of transformation.

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A welcoming community working to transform physics by enacting strategies to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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We're committed to fostering a welcoming physics community where everyone passionate about science can succeed.

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