Fluid Dynamics Prize

The Fluid Dynamics Prize recognizes and encourages outstanding achievement in fluid dynamics research. The prize consists of $10,000, an allowance for registration and travel to the meeting at which the prize is awarded, and a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient. It will be presented annually.

Rules and eligibility

This prize is awarded for outstanding contributions to fundamental fluid dynamics research. The prize shall ordinarily be awarded to one person but may be shared when all the recipients have contributed to the same achievement. The award of the prize to a previous recipient of the Fluid Dynamics Prize or of the Otto Laporte Award must be justified by outstanding contributions that are different from those for which the previous award was given. This prize is awarded solely for valuable contributions made in the field of Fluid Dynamics with no restrictions placed on a candidate's citizenship or country of residence. Nominations will be considered for three review cycles provided the nominator re-certifies the nomination before the next deadline.

Process and selection

The nomination package must include:

  • A letter of not more than 5,000 characters evaluating the nominee's qualifications

In addition, the nomination should include:

  • A biographical sketch
  • A list of the most important publications
  • At least two, but not more than four, seconding letters
  • Up to five reprints or preprints

Establishment and support

This prize was established in 1979 with support from the Office of Naval Research. In 2004, the Otto Laporte Award was combined with the Fluid Dynamics Prize so that the Division of Fluid Dynamics would have a single major prize — the Fluid Dynamics Prize. The prize is now supported by the Division of Fluid Dynamics, friends of Otto Laporte, and the APS journal Physical Review Fluids.

Recent recipients

Elisabeth Guazzelli

2023 recipient

For ground-breaking experiments on fluid-particle systems; for advances in the unification of the rheological description of dry granular media and dense "wet" suspensions; for guidance of theory through focused and creative experiments; and for leadership in the fluid mechanics community.

Elisabeth Charlaix

2022 recipient

For a ground-breaking exploration of the liquid-solid interface leading in particular to a quantitative understanding of the Navier slip condition, based on an exquisite surface force apparatus developed for this purpose.

David Quéré

2021 recipient

For seminal contributions to wetting of surfaces and interfacial hydrodynamics by revealing the physics of the phenomena through reduction to their simple core.

Katepalli R. Sreenivasan

2020 recipient

For fundamental contributions to fluid dynamics, especially turbulence from quantum to astrophysical scales.

Alexander Smits

2019 recipient

For transformative contributions to the measuring and understanding of wall turbulence in extreme Reynolds and Mach number regimes, for pioneering research on bio-inspired propulsion, and in recognition of exemplary technical leadership, mentoring, and community service.

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Fluid Dynamics Prize

Nominations deadline
May 1, 2024
Friends of Otto Laporte
APS Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD)
Physical Review Fluids
$10,000, travel and registration allowance, and a certificate

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