Moving the Needle

Recorded -- Wed Feb 10, 2021
2 hours

Come to this Coffee Hour prepared for an open, friendly discussion about what science means to you and those in your community, in the context of misinformation.

The University of Maryland Baltimore County’s Meyerhoff Scholars Program is known for their success in supporting students from diverse backgrounds as they complete STEM degrees. Two prestigious alumni who serve as examples of the program’s success are Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, leading COVID-19 immunologist, and Dr. Jerome M. Adams, former US Surgeon General.

In this webinar, President of University of Maryland Baltimore County, and founder of the program, Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, III, and Dr. Willie May will discuss the Scholars Program. For the first hour, Dr. May will interview President Hrabrowski about the creation of this program, and the factors that led to its success. After the conversation, attendees will have the opportunity to ask Dr. May and Pres. Hrabowski questions.

After attending, webinar attendees will take away a better understanding of:

  1. The Meyerhoff Scholars Program that supports students from diverse backgrounds
  2. The mechanisms that make the program successful
  3. Strategies of successful programs that support Black students’ academic success

The presentation and Q&A will be recorded, so please register even if you cannot attend live and you will receive a link to the recording. The webinar will be hosted by APS CEO Dr. Jonathan A. Bagger and moderated by APS President S. James Gates, Jr. (Brown University, Ford Foundation Professor of Physics & Affiliate Professor of Mathematics).


  • Dr. Jonathan A. Bagger (APS, CEO)


  • Prof. Jim Gates (Brown University, Ford Foundation Professor of Physics & Affiliate Professor of Mathematics; APS, President)


  • Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, President of UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
  • Dr. Willie E. May, VP for Research and Economic Development at Morgan State University

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