From Passion to Action: Levers and Tools for Making Physics Inclusive and Equitable

Recorded -- Wed Jun 24, 2020
2 hours

The webinar emphasizes addressing systemic barriers leading to minority underrepresentation in physics, particularly among Black Americans. A panel of physicists offers insights on the roles of students, teachers, professors, and administrators in fostering diversity and shares actionable strategies. Hosted by APS CEO Dr. Kate Kirby.

This webinar features a panel of physicists who have been actively involved with increasing diversity in physics and improving its culture. The panel discusses why everyone from students to teachers to professors to administrators has an important role in building a diverse next generation of physicists. The panel shares ideas and concrete actions on what each of these groups can do to work toward this goal.

This is the first event in a series of opportunities to get involved. The webinar was hosted by APS CEO Dr. Kate Kirby.

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