Mentoring programs and resources

Mentoring connects students and early-career physicists with experienced professionals, to aid in career exploration, skill development, and networking, to aid their academic journey and career prospects.

Mentoring programs

APS mentoring programs bring students and early-career physicists together with experienced professionals create mutually-fulfilling connections in the physics community.

NMC provides mentoring and resources for historically underrepresented physics undergrads and graduate students.

Career Mentoring Fellows serve as mentors to students and early-career scientists, helping them build strong connections in the physics community.

IMPact connects students and early career-physicists with physicists working in industry.

Mentoring news and updates

Read about how mentoring has helped others in pursuing careers in careers.


Discover your path to career success, your comprehensive companion offering valuable insights, practical tools, and personalized guidance.

A guide to the breadth of opportunities for physics graduates in industry, national labs, and beyond — including guidance to land those jobs.

Tools and resources for students and teachers to explore physics education and career options.

APS supports physicists and other scientists from the beginning of their education to every stage of their careers.

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