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The APS Job Center targets your open positions in science, technology, and engineering to qualified applicants with relevant backgrounds.

Employer benefits of the APS Job Center

Advertising your job openings on the APS Job Center saves you time by focusing your applicant pool on talent with experience in science and technology. Additional employer benefits for the APS Job Center include:

  • A focused, searchable resume database
  • Resume searches filtered by keyword, location, experience, education, and more
  • Ability of applicants to apply online
  • Job posting tracking and statistics
  • Automatic resume alerts
  • Access to exceptionally qualified candidates
  • Straightforward pricing

Reasons to hire physicists

Physicists are ideal candidates for jobs in science, technology, and engineering because they have advanced capabilities and training in:

  • Physics
  • Science
  • Math
  • Engineering
  • Analysis
  • Problem solving
  • Project management

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APS job fairs connect hiring managers with qualified job seekers experienced in physics, science, technology, engineering, math, and more.

The job fair is free to attend for meeting attendees and will include career counseling and resume help.

Meet potential employers to discuss a variety of career opportunities at all levels. Employers will be conducting on-site interviews and available for post-event conversations.

Fellowships, internships, and research experiences for undergraduates

Find highly skilled postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students to assist your organization as fellows, interns, and researchers.

APS shares your fellowship, internship, and research experience for undergraduate (REU) openings with early career scientists and physics students at all levels to provide you with qualified applicants. By hiring fellows, interns, and undergraduate researchers, your organization is giving valuable training and experience to the next generation of physicists, scientists, and engineers.

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Job seekers

APS supports physicists through every stage of their careers, providing them with information about job openings, educational opportunities, and career resources.

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