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KCP Job Fair photoFiguring out career options and finding a job require careful planning and thought. This long process can also be overwhelming, especially if you’re going through it on your own. This is where the Guidebook comes in–designed to provide you with helpful resources and prompts for reflection at each step of career planning, you can follow the chapters at your own pace. Depending on where you are in your career journey, you can also skip to specific chapters.

Note: As resources and mentorship within physics departments are commonly geared towards academic careers, this Guidebook instead focuses on steps you can take to prepare for and find a job in the private sector. Data from the American Institute of Physics also show that a majority of physics degree holders find employment in the private sector.

Whether you are exploring career options or ready for the job search, we hope this Guidebook will help you achieve your goals!

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As you explore this guidebook, you'll encounter several workbook activities that can help with your career development. Download this accompanying workbook to keep track of these activities and create a personalized career journal.

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Let’s be intentional! What are your current career goals (it’s okay if they’re not well-formed yet)? What type of information are you hoping to find through this guidebook?