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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

As any good scientist knows, you can seldom expect to have an experiment work exactly the way you hope it will, the first time you try. Your job search is no different. Some of your job applications may not receive a response. You may even go through multiple interviews which don't ultimately result in your being hired for the job. Anyone who has a career that they love will probably tell you that it took a lot of persistence and focus for them to get where they are. The broader your cross-section (i.e., jobs applied for) the greater the probability of a good result!

The good news is that each of these scenarios represents an opportunity. Every interview you give represents a measurement, which you can then use to tweak your resume, interview skills, and network.

  • Follow up - After your interview, always follow up with a thank you note to the individual who interviewed you within a few days of the interview. Not only is this an important courtesy, it creates another point of contact between you and the interviewers.
  • Reach out for feedback - If you don't receive an offer, reach out to the recruiters at the company to ask for feedback on what might have made you a stronger candidate for the position.

It can seem like a daunting task, but you will receive a tremendous return on your investment in the form of a career that aligns with your skills and abilities, and which provides the benefits and salary that are important to your happiness and well-being.

Throughout this process, APS stands ready to assist you in accomplishing this very important goal of finding your physics career path. We hope that the career resources available in this guide, as well as elsewhere on the APS Careers website, provide you with some useful tools to move your career forward.

Try, try again!

In this clip, Megan Anzelc describes her personal process of applying to jobs before finally landing her position.

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