Letter from APS leadership

An Open Letter to Members of the American Physical Society and the Israel Physical Society

October 23, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

We have received substantial input from members of our two societies and the broader physics community. In addition, we recognize our deep and long-standing connections with the IPS.

We, the APS Board Executive Committee, absolutely condemn the horrific terrorist attacks by Hamas on 7 October 2023 and their continuing detainment of hostages. We grieve for the victims and can only imagine the suffering of their loved ones.

We stand against all terrorism and attacks on civilians. We mourn the loss of Palestinian and Israeli lives and hope for a rapid resolution to the violence and a swift return of hostages.

We re-express our grief for the victims of these atrocities and remain steadfast in our support for the human rights of all people, everywhere. We decry violations of those rights and systematic hatred in any form. APS has long supported these fundamental principles that are core to our values.

APS Board of Directors

Robert Rosner

PresidentUniversity of Chicago

Young-Kee Kim

President-ElectUniversity of Chicago

John Doyle

Vice PresidentHarvard University

Frances Hellman

Past PresidentUniversity of California, Berkeley

Jonathan A. Bagger

CEOAmerican Physical Society


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