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PhysTEC Recognizes Leaders in Physics Teacher Preparation

February 09, 2018

Nationwide physics teacher preparation program recognizes colleges and universities helping to address the severe national shortage of high school physics teachers

The Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC) recently announced the initial inductees into “The 5+ Club”, a group of institutions that have graduated five or more physics teachers in a given year. The great majority of institutions graduate less than two physics teachers a year, and the most common number of graduates is zero. In their 2015-16 report, the American Association for Employment in Education found that the teacher shortage in physics is number three among 59 education fields. Graduating five or more physics teachers a year is a significant achievement, helping to address the severe national shortage of high school physics teachers.

The institutions recognized include:

Rutgers University (8)
Brigham Young University (7)
University of Texas at Austin (6)
Stony Brook University (6)
Rowan University (6)
Illinois State University (5)
Georgia State University (5)
City College of New York (5)
University of Wisconsin-River Falls (5)

The United States has a severe, long-term shortage of qualified physics teachers. In fact, in 2013 the National Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics reported, “the need for qualified teachers is greater now than at any previous time in history.” Of the approximately 1400 new teachers who are hired to teach physics each year, only thirty-five percent have a degree in physics or physics education.

PhysTEC, a flagship education program of the American Physical Society (APS), aims to improve the education of future physics teachers by transforming physics departments, creating successful models for physics teacher education programs, and disseminating best practices. The project has funded more than forty sites to build physics teacher education programs (see for more details).

The PhysTEC program is led by APS in partnership with the American Association of Physics Teachers, with support from the National Science Foundation. For more information, contact Monica Plisch, Director of PhysTEC and APS Director of Education and Diversity.


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