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Editor Announced for Physical Review Applied

APS has named Rutgers physicist Troy Shinbrot as head editor of new journal, Physical Review Applied.

November 14, 2013

Troy Shinbrot, PR Applied Editor

Dr. Troy Shinbrot

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Physical Review Applied will launch in 2014 and will publish research across all aspects of experimental and theoretical applications of physics, including their interactions with other sciences, engineering, and industry.

“There is a large and growing audience of both physicists working on applied topics, and of engineers working on important applications that at their heart hinge on physical mechanisms,” Shinbrot said.

Before taking a position in Rutgers’ department of biomedical engineering in 1998, Shinbrot worked at the Xerox Corporation and AD Little. He has been a referee for journal articles since 1993, and in 2008 was one of the first named an “Outstanding Referee.”

"With Dr. Shinbrot as editor of this vital new journal, I am confident in Physical Review Applied's future,” said Gene Sprouse, APS’s editor-in-chief.

APS will announce a call for papers for Physical Review Applied sometime in the near future.