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July 2018 (Volume 27, Number 7)

Update on the APS Strategic Plan

Throughout 2018, APS members, leadership, and staff have been preparing a new Strategic Plan to guide the Society in coming years (see APS News, February 2018). The process began in early 2018 at the APS Leadership Convocation when elected leaders of membership units (Divisions, Topical Groups, Forums, and Sections) provided input. Town hall meetings and invited focus groups convened at the APS March and April meetings to gather direct member comment. CEO Kate Kirby provided an update at the annual APS Business Meeting on April 13 and a member feedback form was made available on the aps.org website.

The APS Board of Directors is overseeing the work of preparing the new Strategic Plan and has delegated day-to-day efforts to a Steering Committee and subcommittees in four key areas: Ensuring a Meaningful Role in Scientific Research Dissemination; Serving Communities (Membership, Physics Community, and Society); Securing Financial Sustainability; and Increasing Organizational Excellence.

At its June retreat, the Board spent considerable time discussing progress on the Plan. In guiding the ongoing effort, the Steering Committee will combine reports from each of the subcommittees into a draft Strategic Plan for consideration by the Board at its September 2018 meeting and then by the APS Council shortly thereafter.

APS Strategic Plan graphic

The final Strategic Plan will be submitted to the APS Board and Council for approval in November 2018. The approved Strategic Plan will be rolled out at the 2019 APS Leadership Convocation.

APS encourages the redistribution of the materials included in this newspaper provided that attribution to the source is noted and the materials are not truncated or changed.

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July 2018 (Volume 27, Number 7)

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