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November 2017 (Volume 26, Number 10)

Spotlight on Development

As you consider which worthy causes to support this year, we hope you will choose to help expand the reach and impact of APS PhysicsQuest—a program that touched the lives of 400,000 middle school students last year and altogether has reached more than 3.5 million students since its inception in 2005.

  • PhysicsQuest teaches fundamental concepts of physics by providing free materials for lab experiments to middle schools.
  • PhysicsQuest kits engage students via a physics-themed comic book that features the superhero Spectra.
  • This past year, 22,000 PhysicsQuest kits were requested, but we could provide only16,500. With your help, we could distribute the rest and many more.
  • Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated.

For more information, contact APS Director of Development Irene Lukoff at 301-209-3224 or lukoff@aps.org.

November 2017 (Volume 26, Number 10)

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