APS News

July 2013 (Volume 22, Number 7)


APS Bridge Program Selects New Sites
Ohio State University and the University of South Florida were selected to receive funding to enhance the graduate training of underrepresented minorities
APS Picks Pierre Meystre to Lead PRL Editorial Team
Pierre Meystre of the University of Arizona will be the new Lead Editor of Physical Review Letters
Science Community Slams Draft Legislation
A draft of legislation that would add extra congressional review of NSF grants has received harsh criticism from the science community
Physicists in Outreach Face Tricky Career Choices
For physicists interested in getting involved with outreach, picking the best time in their careers can be a challenge
Chairs Conference Highlights New Technology and Techniques
The heads of physics departments across the country met to share new ways to recruit, educate and assess physics majors
Sold-out Crowd Examines Distance Learning in Physics
Over 100 participants recently gathered at APS headquarters to learn about the opportunities and implications of distance education and online learning for the physics community
Physics Olympians Participate in Training Bootcamp
The US Physics Olympiad Team met at the University of Maryland to train for the annual competition
APS Topical Group is New Home For Physics Education Research
APS’s newest topical group on physics education research has been approved by the Council and is now recruiting members
Golden Goose Award Issues Ongoing Call for Nominations
The search for nominees is ongoing for the year-old Golden Goose Awards
Water Dating Technique Finds Many Potential Applications
Scientists embrace a new way to date how long water has been isolated from the atmosphere


Letters to the Editor
Academia Ignores a Major Issue for Women • Letter Misses the Point Regarding Laser Isotope Separation • Definition Given for Proper Affirmative Action
The Back Page
No Evidence LEED Building Certification is saving Primary Energy


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications...
This Month in Physics History
July 21, 2004: Hawking concedes bet on black hole information loss
Inside the Beltway
The Summer of Our Discontent
Diversity Corner
A column on programs related to diversity
Profiles in Versatility
A Stint in Italy’s Parliament Teaches Many Lessons

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