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December 2012 (Volume 21, Number 11)

Four Departments Gain Distinction in Improving Physics Education

The APS Committee on Education has announced the 2013 recipients of its Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education. The four programs that are recognized range in size from the very large to the rather small.

The newly announced recipients are the Colorado School of Mines, Kettering University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Wisconsin–LaCrosse. Each recipient's citations, which explain the particular features of their programs that gained them this award, are on the APS Outreach website.
Gray arrow  Descriptions of Programs Receiving the Improving Undergraduate Physics Education Award

The award is given to physics departments and/or undergraduate-serving programs in physics that support best practices in education at the undergraduate level. Programs are recognized for three  years, acknowledged on the APS website, awarded a plaque, and recognized at an APS national meeting. The award was initiated in 2011, and the current recipients are the second group to be announced. 

These awards are intended to acknowledge commitment to inclusive, high-quality physics education for undergraduate students, and to catalyze departments and programs to make significant improvements. The annual deadline for departments to apply for the award is July 15.
Gray arrow   Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education Application

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Editor: Alan Chodos

December 2012 (Volume 21, Number 11)

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Four Departments Gain Distinction in Improving Physics Education
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