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October 2012 (Volume 21, Number 9)

Ben-Naim is New Editor of PRE

Eli Ben- Naim

Eli Ben-Naim

On October 1, Eli Ben-Naim of Los Alamos National Laboratory became the new Senior Editor of APS’s interdisciplinary journal Physical Review E. He is currently the deputy leader at Los Alamos’s Physics of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems group and has both been a referee and served on the editorial board of Physical Review E for years. He has also served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Physics A, the European Journal of Physics B and the Journal of Statistical Mechanics.

Ben-Naim succeeds Gary Grest of Sandia National Laboratories, who held the position since 2002.

“Eli definitely has the qualifications and broad research interests that the PRE editorship requires,” said Gene Sprouse, APS Editor in Chief. “His prior involvement with PRE and his strong editorial experience with other journals were also very compelling.”

Physical Review E is the APS journal covering statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics. Ben-Naim is a theoretical physicist whose own research has focused on the nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of interacting particle systems and its application to soft matter and complex systems.

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Editor: Alan Chodos

October 2012 (Volume 21, Number 9)

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