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March 2010 (Volume 19, Number 3)

Industrial Applications Prize Set for Round Two

APS will select the second recipient of its new Prize for the Industrial Applications of Physics this year. Preliminary nominations, consisting of a letter of at most 1000 words, plus one additional optional letter of support, are due this April 1. The selection committee will then choose a number of finalists from among the preliminary nominations, and these will be asked to submit a more complete nomination. The recipient(s), recommended by the selection committee from among the finalists, will be approved by the APS Executive Board at its September meeting.

The preliminary nominations are designed to make it as simple as possible to submit nominations, in recognition of the fact that many industrial physicists are at smaller companies, and may not have time and resources comparable to their academic colleagues. As the prize website states, “the Prize will be awarded for innovative, leading-edge applications of physics to emerging technologies. It is not necessary for the application to have already achieved commercial success, but it should have demonstrated potential for significant impact. Although nominees need not now be working in industry, the contribution for which they are cited must have been made while their principal employment was in industry. The recognized contribution may be a product, a process, or a tool enabling practical application of physics. Nominees need not be APS members, and there is no restriction with regard to geography or nationality.”

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More information about the Prize and submitting nominations

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Editor: Alan Chodos

March 2010 (Volume 19, Number 3)

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