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February 2009 (Volume 18, Number 2)

New Topical Group on Energy Research Proposed

A proposed new topical group on energy research has drawn significant enthusiasm from APS members. A petition to form the new group was circulated in December to the membership of several relevant APS divisions. Over 1000 APS members signed the petition. Only two hundred signatures are required for a petition for a new topical group to be sent to the APS Council. APS topical groups may hold sessions at APS meetings and nominate members for APS Fellowship.

“I am delighted to see this high level of interest in a topical group on energy research,” said APS Executive Officer Judy Franz.  

A planning committee has been formed and is charged with creating a proposed vision and set of by-laws in time for APS Council consideration. “I’m very pleased to chair the committee that has strong representation from university, national laboratory, and corporate sectors, as well as physical chemists, material scientists and engineers” said Robert McGrath of Stony Brook University.

The APS Council will consider the formation of the new topical group at its next meeting in May. “Assuming a positive outcome, we look forward to acting for the topical group in setting up initial programs, sessions and communications, and in setting up the inaugural officer and executive board elections in the fall,” said McGrath.

The members of the ad hoc advisory committee for the new topical group are:

Robert McGrath, Stony Brook University (Emeritus), Chair

Claudio Pellegrini, UCLA

Joseph Poon, University of Virginia

William Marlow, Texas A&M University

Keith Jackson, Florida A&M

Rachel Goldman, University of Michigan        

Roberto Car, Princeton University

John Torkelson, Northwestern University

Ryan Stillwell, Florida State University

Alex King, Ames Laboratory

Larry Kazmerski, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Robert Biefeld, Sandia National Laboratories

Thomas Thundat, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Jill Dahlburg, Naval Research Laboratory

Mike Tamor, Ford

Yi-Qiao Song, Schlumberger 

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February 2009 (Volume 18, Number 2)

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