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March 2008 (Volume 17, Number 3)

Named Lecturers To Speak at March, April Meetings

Five named lecturers will enhance the program at the APS March and April Meetings. There will be three Beller Lecturers, two in March and one in April, as well as a Marshak Lecturer in March and a Primakoff Lecturer in April.

The Beller and Marshak Lectureships bring distinguished scientists from abroad to speak at APS meetings. The Primakoff lecture is named in honor of the late Henry Primakoff, who worked in the areas of theoretical nuclear, particle and astrophysics at the University of Pennsylvania, and the lecture is in a research area influenced by his work.

At the March Meeting, the Beller Lecturers will be Claudia  Ambrosch-Draxl of Austria and Jay Fineberg of Israel, speaking on “Exploring exact exchange for collinear and non-collinear magnetism” and “Crack-like processes govern the onset of frictional motion” respectively.

Daniel DeFlorian of Argentina will deliver the Beller lecture at the April Meeting, on “Theoretical status and advances in understanding the role of polarized gluons.” The Marshak lecture, in March, will be delivered by Dalia Šatkovskiene of Lithuania on “Women in Physics in the Baltic States Regions: Problems and Solutions.”

The Primakoff Lecturer at the April Meeting will be Leslie Rosenberg of the University of Washington. He will speak on axions and their possible role as dark matter.

Both the Beller and Marshak lecturers are chosen by the APS Committee on International Scientific Affairs, from a pool of nominations submitted by various APS units. Choosing the Primakoff Lecturer is the responsibility of the Executive Committee of the APS Division of Particles and Fields.

More information about the Beller and Marshak lectures can be found on the International Affairs page of the APS website

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Editor: Alan Chodos
Contributing Editor: Jennifer Ouellette
Staff Writer: Ernie Tretkoff

March 2008 (Volume 17, Number 3)

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