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July 2003 (Volume 12, Number 7)

Physics Central Wins Sci-Tech Award

Physics Central, the APS's web site for the public, has been chosen as one of the winners of the coveted Sci/Tech Web Awards for 2003 by the editors of Scientific American.com.

Physics Central

Launched in November of 2000, Physics Central has seen the number of monthly hits to the site continue to rise steadily, with over two million recorded in May 2003.

Physics Central also consistently ranks first or second on both Google and Yahoo! among physics sites.

But despite this popularity, explicit recognition of its merits had eluded Physics Central until Scientific American announced the award in May. "We're really excited about this," said Jessica Clark, APS Public Outreach Specialist and the person in charge of Physics Central. "It's great to be working on an award- winning site."

The citation for the award reads: "Translating the often esoteric world of physics to the layperson is no small feat, but this site pulls it off with humor and élan. Learn about faraway galaxies under the rubric 'Twinkle, twinkle, little tadpole,' or get to know a hydrogen isotope called the 'Doo-wop Deuteron.' The site also features excerpts from papers by famous physicists, and the entertaining 'advice' column, 'Dear Lou,' penned by Professor Louis Bloomfield, author of the perennial favorite, How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life.

"Physics Central also features a staggering array of links to the best sites for keeping up to date on everything from open-heart surgery to baseball bat dynamics."

More information about the award can be found at www.sciam.com, and of course Physics Central itself is at www.PhysicsCentral.com.

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Editor: Alan Chodos
Associate Editor: Jennifer Ouellette

July 2003 (Volume 12, Number 7)

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