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January 2001 (Volume 10, Number 1)

Proposed APS Bylaws Amendments

Below amendments to the APS Bylaws that were proposed by a vote of the APS Council on November 19, 2000. These amendments are exhibited here for comments by the membership at large. All comments should be sent to Ken Cole (cole@aps.org), by April 2. They will be placed before the Council for its consideration at the Council meeting on April 27. If you wish to see the entire APS Constitution, it is available on the APS web site. If you are unable to access the web, send an email to cole@aps.org to request a paper copy. Proposed additions are in bold; proposed deletions are stricken out.




3. Committee on Education. - The membership of the Committee on Education shall consist of nine members. Six members will be appointed by the President to staggered three-year terms while the Chair, Pas t-Chair and Chair-elect of the Forum on Education shall serve as statutory members of the Committee. The President shall appoint the Chairperson from among the members. The Committee shall be responsible for activities in the area of physics education designated to it by the Executive Board or the Council. It shall report periodically to the President, the Executive Board and the Council on physics education. It may suggest and supervise studies and programs to improve the cooperation between the educational community and other parts of the physics community.



8. Committee on International Scientific Affairs. The membership of the Committee on International Scientific Affairs (CISA) shall consist of nine persons. Six members will be appointed by the APS President to staggered three-year terms, while the Chair, Past-Chair and Chair-elect of the Forum on International Physics (FIP) shall serve as statutory members of CISA. The APS President shall appoint the Chairperson of CISA from among the members of the Committee. CISA will monitor the international science scene and the balance between new APS initiatives and ongoing activities in this arena. Guided by the Objective of the Society as stated in Article II of the APS Constitution, CISA will encourage APS efforts to strengthen interaction among researchers and institutions in different regions of the world and to further extend worldwide access of physicists to scientific information and its exchange. To this end, CISA will advise and assist the APS Director of International Scientific Affairs, the Executive Board and Council, and provide documentation and recommendations for action, consulting with other relevant committees as appropriate.


4. Nomination and Election of Division and Forum Councillors. - During the final year of the term of a Division or Forum Councillor, the Division or Forum Executive Committee shall nominate at least two candidates for the open position. The election ballot shall contain these names and those of other candidates nominated by petition of the membership of the Division or Forum numbering at least five percent of the total number of members determined on 30 June of the year preceding the election. The Secretary-Treasurer shall poll the Division or Forum by mail or electronic ballot. Election shall be by plurality of those voting. If there is a tie, the Executive Committee shall decide the election, with the Chairperson voting only in the case of a tie among the other Executive Committee members. The Secretary-Treasurer shall communicate the results of the election to the Executive Officer before 1 January of the year in which the new Councillor assumes office.

APS encourages the redistribution of the materials included in this newspaper provided that attribution to the source is noted and the materials are not truncated or changed.

Editor: Alan Chodos
Associate Editor: Jennifer Ouellette

January 2001 (Volume 10, Number 1)

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