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February 1999 (Volume 8, Number 2)

Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science

Love Boson Discovered on Valentine's Day

Lynda Williams Lynda Williams will be performing live at the Centennial Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a Masters degree in Physics.

By Lynda Williams

Romantic geeks and their loved ones can listen to Lynda Williams (a.k.a. The Physics Chanteuse) sing the The Love Boson through her website: www.entersci.com.

The Standard Model of Physics
has four forces in it:
the Strong, the Weak, Gravity
and the Electromagnetic.
But I've discovered a new force
that rules from high above.
Let me propose to you
a Unified Theory of Love!

Gluons are Strong!
They make a quantum-chromo glue
binding quarks into atoms
like I am bound to you.

Z's and W's are Weak!
They make particles decay
and atoms radioactive
that's how I feel when you're away.

Photons mediate E&M -
both particle and wave - they're so

Gravitons attract
both mass and energy
they make the world go round and round
that's what you do to me.

And so I'm searching for the boson
that mediates the force of Love!
But you can't measure it!
You can only feel it!

Pulling on the superstrings of your heart!
We should add it to the Standard Model Chart
the force that rules from high above
in a Unified Field Theory of Love!

© 1998 Lynda Williams

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February 1999 (Volume 8, Number 2)

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