Spectra: High Intensity (2015)

Download Spectra 7, Spectra's High Intensity here! Read about her latest tussle with Miss Alignment. If you would like to download the teacher's manual, including the activities, click here.

About Spectra: High Intensity

Miss Alignment has broken out of jail and is on the loose hatching evil plans. Armed with a high IQ, an inferiority complex, and a secret lair, she will try yet again to control the town. Your students can help Spectra, her gang, and her new friend the Quantum Mechanic stop Miss Alignment’s focus on evil.

In celebration of the International Year of Light, this kit has all of the equipment needed to teach students about bending light, spherical lenses, how color and energy are related, and how the sun’s light also carries heat. As the students do these activities, they will be applying all the skills they need to help our superheroes prevent Miss Alignment’s attempted town domination.

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Activity 1: Bendy Light
Answer: 3, Sucralose Water 

When the laser goes through the cube grown in the sucralose water it bends more than through the regular water cube or the sugar water cube.

Activity 2: Magnifying Marbles
Answer:4, As the radius increases, the magnification decreases.

When the size of the marble gets bigger, the ratio between the image size and object size gets smaller. For Miss Alignment to magnify her “A” in the sky, the glass ball she uses has to be pretty small.

Activity 3: Let it Glow! Let it Glow!
Answer: 1, Blue and purple allow the vinyl to glow.

Blue light and purple light has enough energy to excite the electrons in the vinyl. Red and yellow light does not have enough energy. The square glows green and any colors to the right of green in the rainbow will have enough energy to make the square glow. Any colors to the left of green will not.

Activity 4: Melts in the Sun, Not in Your Hand
Answer: 2, Copper.

Copper conducts heat the best of the three metals. This is why pots and pans often have copper bottoms.

If you weren't able to receive a kit this year you can still be part of the fun. Download the manual and create your own kit!

Download the teacher's manual for Spectra 7: High Intensity format_pdf

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