Spectra Heats Up! (2011)

A few weeks into their second year at Tesla Junior High the gang realizes things are really changing, well, the temperature at least. Why is Lucy’s pool too hot to handle? Snowed in in the middle of September? No one can figure out what is going on. On top of all this physics confusion, Lucy is being harassed by the newest student at Tesla Junior High, Tiffany Maxwell.

Could she be behind the odd things happening or is Lucy just blaming her because she is trying to steal her spot on the relay team? Is she just a typical “mean girl” or is there more to her than her well-manicured nails, high-heeled boots and a sharp tongue? Join Lucy Hene (aka Spectra) and her gang as they once again use their physics knowledge to save the world, or at least Tesla Junior High.

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Spectra 4 cover