A Scientist Strives to Make Life Better in Ukraine

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Anton Senenko, a senior researcher at the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, sprang into action to help his fellow citizens after Russian forces invaded his country on February 24, 2022.

After getting his wife and son to safety, Senenko volunteered to help Ukrainians escape the war zone in the Kyiv region. He also worked with other volunteers to supply people with food and medicine as they dodged an onslaught of bombs.

To further protect his country, Senenko, also a longtime supporter of science public engagement through social media, raised money within the scientific community to repair cars that are used by soldiers in their ongoing war with Russia.

“I strive to do everything to ensure that the new dark times never extinguish the fire of civilization. Because the achievements of the civilized world make our lives better, wealthier, and safer,” said Senenko.

He explained that physics plays an integral role in making our lives better – from being the main driver of innovative economies to helping to protect democratic values from the attack of autocratic regimes.

“Therefore, it does not matter whether I popularize science or volunteer in the interests of the Defense Forces of Ukraine – all my actions are aimed at maintaining the light of civilization in my country,” he added.

Anton Senenko

In solidarity with the Ukrainian physics community, APS has condemned the Russian invasion and offered assistance such as journal and meeting access to enable the continuation of science collaborations.

“I became a member of the APS community only a few months ago, but it is already clear that APS membership will help me in conducting my scientific work, making connections with physicists from other countries, and sharing experiences,” he said.

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