APS Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance

The APS Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance (APS-IDEA) is a new initiative with a mission of empowering and supporting physics departments, laboratories, and other organizations to identify and enact strategies for improving equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). It will do so by establishing a community of transformation.

Join our team of physics organizations as we launch an inaugural workshop, establish an online learning community, and unite to transform the culture of physics.
An IDEA for Physics Organizations
APS-IDEA Virtual Meeting
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Apply to Join the APS-IDEA Network

The 2020 application to join our network is now closed. Due to overwhelming interest, we're unable to accept any more applications in 2020. Please join our mailing list to get updates on the project's progress and any future opportunities to engage with the network.


Members of the following groups are encouraged to apply:

  • physics departments of any size
  • laboratories employing at least 20 physicists
  • collaborations of at least 20 physicists

Please note: Your department chair must endorse your team’s participation. Chairs do not need to lead the team’s efforts or submit the application, but should be aware and supportive of the team’s work.

Frequently Asked Questions: If you have questions about the initiative, see the FAQs page.

Participating APS-IDEA teams


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How APS-IDEA Works

Our vision is that as a result of collective efforts, physics and related fields will become more inclusive of all social identities, with a diversity reflective of the nation, and with an equitable distribution of opportunities and resources.

The network will provide a supportive environment to:

  • exchange ideas, information, and experiences
  • deepen knowledge of research and effective practices
  • develop or improve EDI strategic plans
  • discuss various EDI initiatives and reports from physics and related disciplines
  • learn about theories of change
  • begin planning IDEA’s programs

This is achieved through guiding principles of:

  • centering people whose identities are marginalized
  • utilizing sensemaking, including creating brave spaces
  • implementing research-based transformational methods
  • sharing leadership across levels; from students up to faculty

Benefits for Your Organization

APS-IDEA members benefit from shared community ideas and support, online access to resources, and facilitation to accelerate team results.

With help, you can prepare a realistic 10-year sustainable plan for improving EDI, and set your department up to be recognized as a leader for its efforts and successes.

Together, let’s expand inclusion and belonging in physics.

If you have any questions, please contact idea@aps.org.

This project is sponsored by the APS Innovation Fund and the AIP Diversity Action Fund.