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James Steven Ross
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


"For generating Weibel-mediated collisionless shocks in the laboratory, impacting a broad range of energetic astrophysical scenarios, plasma physics, and experiments using high energy and high power lasers conducted at basic plasma science facilities."


James “Steven" Ross is the Optical Diagnostic and Measurement Science Group leader in the NIF HED S&T organization at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and co-lead of the National Diagnostic Working Group. Steven received a B.A. in Physics from Pomona College in 2003 and a PhD in 2010 from the University of California, San Diego, in Engineering Physics. His thesis work focused on relativistic effects in collective Thomson scattering at electron temperatures less than 1 keV. He joined LLNL as a Lawrence Scholar graduate student in 2004 and became a full-time staff member in 2013. His research has focuses on understanding high temperature plasma interactions relevant to laboratory astrophysics and inertial confinement fusion hohlraum plasmas.