Prize Recipient

Gregory W. Moore
Rutgers University


"For eminent contributions to mathematical physics with a wide influence in many fields, ranging from string theory to supersymmetric gauge theory, conformal field theory, condensed matter physics and four-manifold theory."


Gregory W. Moore received his AB in physics from Princeton University in 1982 and his PhD in physics from Harvard University in 1985. He then joined the Harvard Society of Fellows and in 1987 became a five-year member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. In 1989 he joined the faculty at Yale University. He moved to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Rutgers in 2000. He has held visiting professorships at the KITP in Santa Barbara and at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. The Inspire HEP database lists 170 papers co-authored by Prof. Moore on physical mathematics, with an emphasis on geometrical structures in physics. Most notably he has worked on rational conformal field theories (with applications to condensed matter physics), two-dimensional quantum gravity and matrix models, topological field theories, string dualities and D-branes, applications of K-theory to string theory, connections between number theory and supersymmetric black holes, and the properties of BPS states of supersymmetric theories with an emphasis in recent years on their wall-crossing properties and relations to hyperkahler geometry. He is a member of the American Physical Society, the American Mathematical Society, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a General Member of the Aspen Center for Physics.

Selection Committee:

Robert Wald, Chair; J. Polchinski; G. Jona-Lasinio; T. Jacobson; M. Douglas