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Harry Levine
AWS Center for Quantum Computing


"For ground-breaking contributions to the realization of programmable quantum simulators and quantum information processing based on Rydberg atom arrays."


Harry Levine grew up in Los Angeles, and received a B.S in physics and mathematics from Stanford University in 2015. He attended graduate school at Harvard in the group of Mikhail Lukin, joining an experimental team focused on exploring new approaches for quantum science with individually controlled atoms in optical tweezers. Starting from an empty lab in 2015, the team developed a highly flexible and scalable optical tweezer platform, with programmable control over hundreds of individual atoms and coherent interactions mediated by excitation to Rydberg states. The team pursued many applications of this system, from the realization of novel quantum phases and unexpected non-equilibrium dynamics to the first demonstrations of high-fidelity quantum information processing using neutral atoms. Harry received his Ph.D from Harvard in 2021, and is currently a quantum research scientist at the AWS Center for Quantum Computing in Pasadena.